"There are some things that no matter how much you want it, it's either you can't have it, you can't have it yet or you'll never have it."

a/n: Finished after much difficulty. XD How do you like this scenario? I think I kinda did well. :D

Taeil: “You’re going on what?” he looked up from his phone, completely forgetting that he had to text his manager. “I said I’m going on We Got Married! Isn’t it so exciting?” you beamed at him as you flurried inside your room, choosing the right outfit for your first meeting. “Why am I finding out about this now?” he pouted as he followed you, and sat on your bed. “Oh, didn’t I tell you last week? I must’ve forgotten.” “You forgot?” his tone started to get annoyed. “Yeah, sorry.” You said absentmindedly, looking through your closet again. “Who are you going with?” he asked, a bit nervous. “Yoseob-sunbaenim.” You said, stopping to turn and looked at him. He held your gaze for a few seconds before saying, “F*ck.” You blinked a few times, before taking long strides and when you arrived in front of him, you hit his head with your fists. “Yah, watch your mouth!” “Aish…” he said, rubbing the sore part of his head. You sat on the bed with him and crossed your arms. “Wait, isn’t he too old for you?” “He’s a 90 liner too.” “I’m a better singer than him.” “Have you been to Immortal Song?” Taeil pursed his lips with that reply. “I-I’m cuter.” “You’re really using that now?” you rolled your eyes and stood up, giving up on choosing your outfit and decided you will leave it to the coordi-unnies. “I love you?” he whispered, and you whipped your head back to see him pouting unconsciously. You giggled at how cute your 22-year-old boyfriend was acting. You crouched in front of him and tried to catch his eyes. “Hmmm… Taeil-ssi. I love you too, but it’s just a show, ok? You’ll always be the best, cutest and everything else to me. Now, don’t badmouth sunbae.” You laughed and he smiled to as he lifted you to his lap and gave you a long, warm, bear-type hug.

B – Bomb: “Did you hear what I said?” you said, waving a hand in front of Minhyuk’s face. He nodded and continued to stare at the TV. “I said,” you repeated, trying to get a reaction out of him. “… I’m going to marry BAP’s Bang Yongguk. Charisma leader, Yongguk. I’m going to marry him on We Got Married.” You emphasized each word. Minhyuk chuckled, and smirked before briefly turning to you and saying, “And I’m saying, I’m okay with it. It’s just a show, right? Nothing to worry about for me.” He nonchalantly said, and continued watching a Running Man replay. Suddenly, your phone rang and Minhyuk peeked at your reaction to guess who it might be. When you looked at him, he turned his eyes back to the TV. You smiled when your screen lit up and saw Yongguk’s name flash. You decided to contact each other first to get rid of the awkwardness on the first shooting. “Oppa?” you answered, purposely sugar-coating your voice. “_____-ssi, why are you calling me ‘oppa’ all of a sudden?” You giggled, and Minhyuk shifted on the couch. “Nothing, it’s nothing. I’ll tell you later. Why did you call?” “Wait, wait. Is this about Minhyuk-sunbae? ‘Coz I really do not want to get hit.” He answered seriously. You burst out laughing and Minhyuk bit his lip as he finally turned to you. “Seriously… Oppa, why are you so funny?” you managed to get out as you hiccupped for air. “I’m not joking! Anyway, I just wanted to ask if you would prefer roses or sunflowers. It’s for my girlfriend, and I really don’t know what to get her.” “I like sunflowers more.” “Okay, got it. I’m going to cut this off before your boyfriend starts calling TS.” You laughed once again and said your goodbyes. When you put down your phone, Minhyuk was glaring at you. “What?” “You’re already close with him when you haven’t started filming?” “I thought you’re okay with the whole idea?” “I’m okay with the fact that it’s a show, but when you take it outside like that… Well, that’s a different conversation.” He pushed you down the couch and hovered over you. “So, tell me. What were you talking about?” he asked he started to kiss your neck. You gulped. This was going to be a long night.

Jaehyo: “Guess what?” “What?” “I’m going on We Got Married.” “What?” he shrieked, before coughing. “I mean… What?” “We Got Married! Oh, my members will be so ecstatic about this!” He didn’t reply and just stared at you, waiting for you to tell him what he wanted to know. “LEDApple’s Hanbyul… I’m going to marry, Jang Hanbyul! I’m so excited!” you beamed at him, but he just wore this mischievous smile. “What? You’re not going to say anything?” you asked, the excitement dying down a bit. “Well, I actually wanted to tell you similar news. I’m going to be the first star on MNet Scandal Season 2.” “MNet… Scandal?” you recalled that a lot of people did more intimate stuff on MScandal before, and you glared at him as he wore a satisfied smile on his face. You weren’t going to back down, and said, “Oh, you’re going to date somebody, right? For 1 week? Good for you. I wonder how long Hanbyul and I will last; I hope we surpass the ‘Adam Couple’. Maybe two years or so? It’d be great publicity for us!” you beamed at him exaggeratedly. “I doubt that though…” he muttered, feeling a bit uneasy. “We can do it! We met up during the meeting and we had great chemistry. I didn’t feel nervous at all when he started talking to me. I’m just so happy because I’m a huge fan of LEDApple, specifically Hanbyul, and to think I’m going to marry him, I thought I would faint.” You sighed dreamily. “Imagine seeing his dimpled smile and hearing his beautiful voice a few days every week.” Jaehyo was fuming already and was starting to turn red with anger. He kept his arms crossed and his eyes on the floor as you gushed on and on about your on-screen husband with a ridiculously high-pitched fangirl voice. “YAH!” he burst out as he jumped from his seat. “You’re really that happy to marry that guy?” Your mouth was agape for a bit, but it slowly formed into a smirk as you stood up and said, “Well, I was just testing your persistence, since you insist on making me jealous, I wonder how long will you be able to last?” you whispered, deathly close to his cherry-bombed face. You were reading each other’s eyes, but were frozen to your spots. “Ahn Jaehyo, have you had enough?” you looked straight into his eyes, kissed his lips before coolly strutting away.

U – Kwon: You heard your doorbell and immediately rushed towards the door. You opened it to see a paper bag with the delicious smell of its contents immediately wafting into your apartment.  He gave you a giddy smile as he waved the food around. “You seem happy.” He said, setting the food on the countertop. He handed you a spoon as you sat right in front of each other. “It’s ‘coz I’m getting married.” You said with a small smile as you scooped some food into your mouth. Yookwon coughed as he choked on the rice, and you immediately handed him a glass of water. “Are you okay?” you said as you rubbed his back. “I’m fine, but… You’re getting married? How can you get married when you’re not even dating anyone?” he asked as you two sat again. “Well, I’m going on We Got Married.” Yookwon halted the sigh he was about to release, that seriously gave him a fright. After all, he didn’t become your best friend to hand you over to someone else. “With whom?” he asked, acting like it was said conversely. “Guess.” You said mischievously, grinning from ear to ear. “No.” he said, coming to a sudden realization. He shook his head, before saying, “So that’s why you’re so happy!”  he exclaimed as he pointed an accusing hand at you. “Kim Myungsoo, Infinite’s L… Yookwon, can you believe it? I’m meeting up with my first love and he’s my husband! It just feels so exhilarating. Like… Like a continuation to a love story. Ah, at least, he’s a familiar face.” You sighed, head turned towards the night scenery outside. “When you say continuation, does that mean you still love him? First love never dies, or so, they say.” He muttered begrudgingly. Why did it have to be the one person who could easily snatch you away from him? Yookwon knew, though you deny it, that Myungsoo still holds a part of your heart and it will always belong to him, a sweet memory of your youth. “Are you kidding me?” you asked. You looked at him, he doesn’t seem to realize how much you care for him. “My heart can’t be in two places.” You whispered as you leaned closer and he raised his head to meet your eyes. “What do you mean?” You answered him with a kiss, and quickly pulled away. He kept his eyes close, a smile stringing the corner of his lips. “Missie, you can’t go on We Got Married if you’re kissing someone else.”

Kyung: “______-ah! I heard you’re going on We Got Married! Congratulations on your marriage!” Kyung immediately cried the moment you opened the door to your apartment. “That’s Park Kyung for you, not the least bit upset that his girlfriend is getting married.” You snorted as you followed him to your room. He easily jumped on your bed, and put his hands behind his head. You jumped in with him, but sat from a distance, facing the window. “What? Are you the one getting upset because I’m not jealous?” he laughed and sat up. You turned to him, and nonchalantly said, “Not at all. I’m kinda happy that I’m meeting someone else for a change. Anyway, Park Kyung, you can’t compare to Baro-ssi.” “Yah, why are you calling me Park Kyung? Jagi, have you gone so cold aready?” he appealed with a fake tone. “Besides, how am I different to him?” “He has these gorgeous eyes and on top of that, he’s very charismatic.” You flipped through your phone instead of looking at him. You felt him shift, but paid no more attention to his actions. “And?” “His husky voice… Oh how, us BANA’s…” you said a little louder. “…love it so much.” “Uh-huh…” you felt him creeping up behind you. “What else?” You sighed frustratedly, before whipping around to talk some sense into your uncaring boyfriend. However, you were unable to do so because the said boyfriend seized your shoulders and pushed you back unto your pillows as he climbed on top of your, earning a little yelp from your lips in the process. “What are you doing?” you breathed as his face was merely a sigh away from yours. He smirked before lunging at your lips. “Is he a good kisser?” he whispered right next to your ear, voice rough and jagged, just like how you imagined Baro’s voice would be if he whispered in such a close proximity. “I-I don’t know. How would I…?” You were silence by the feeling of his lips latched on your neck and how it went down on a sensual pace to your chest. “Is he even a good lover?” The vibration of his voice sent tingles all over your body. He climbed back up, kissing your jawline, and pierced you with his gaze. “Can he look at you with much intensity that you feel your heart throb uncontrollably?”  You finally shook your head. “No? Right. This is why I’m not jealous.” He dropped back unto the bed beside you and took you in his arms. He had a content smile and you knew he had won. “Psssh… Kyung, you are completely jealous.” “Correction, I was jealous.”

Zico: “You’re what?” he asked, suddenly snapping from his composing reverie. “I said, I’m going on We Got Married.” You repeated, hoping that he won’t get angry. “No, no. I meant, you’re marrying who?” “G-Dragon sunbaenim.” You said, barely above a whisper, refusing to look Zico in the eye. “BIGBAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!” he cried out loud, and you were glad that the room was soundproof. “You’re not… upset?” “Why would I be? You’re marrying such a great man, and I’m so proud of you. Urgh… I can’t ask you to arrange a meeting because you’re not supposed to be dating anyone, but you can always say I’m a friend, but people might speculate and investigate, we can’t have that. You must keep your connection with the GD.” He mumbled with himself as he paced around the room. You pouted as you watch him gush on and on about how he’s such a fan of BIGBANG and GD himself. “I am just a huge fan, and you don’t know how it feels that I have a connection with one of my role models.” He spoke without looking at you and around this time, you were already bursting with annoyance. “YAH! Aren’t you the least bit jealous about your girlfriend getting married to someone else?” you cried as you stomped up. “But it’s just a show.” Zico scratched the back of his head in confusion, were you upset by the fact that he was not upset about you getting on the show? “What if I develop feelings for him? You don’t care about that?” you asked incredulously, your eyes were evidently freaking out. “But I’m your boyfriend and you love me, right? Why should I begin doubting you now? Like any other, it’s just another variety show.” You bit your lip and collapsed back to your seat again. Zico sighed, forgetting all thoughts of BIGBANG as he saw how antsy you’ve gotten. He crouched down to your eye-level. “Look, I am jealous because he gets to spend a lot more time with you than with me, but isn’t it better if you go off into his arms while knowing that I trust that you’d return to mine? I know you love me and marrying a much more awesome man is not going to change that, is it?” You nodded and wrapped your arms around him. “I’m not going to be in his arms though because I’m never leaving yours.” He laughed, and then pulled away. He gave you this rare, adorable smile, and said, “But can you get an autograph for me?”

P.O.: “No. Who is he anyway?” he immediately said when you told him about your company’s plans to get you married off with Lee Hyunwoo, that cute and bubbly actor known for his multiple dramas, but specifically ‘To the Beautiful You’. “Well, you’re not the one to decide that. You’re a hopeless cause.” You said as you sat with your bowl of cereal, he slipped in front of you and intently rested his gaze on yours. “Just… No. You can’t get married to anyone but myself.” He said sternly. You burst out laughing and he started to blush uncontrollably. “Is that a proposal? I must say you have cheap tastes, Jihoon.” “You can’t go on that show!” “Like I said, it’s not up to you. Can’t you just be happy for me? If people see that I’m faring well with Hyunwoo, then I might get more projects. “Ok, ok, fine.” He answered with a bit of a snort, before sighing dejectedly. “But you can’t give him power hugs and you can’t teach him our secret handshake.” “Ne.” you answered like an obedient student. “You cannot meet him outside of filming, lending of things is absolutely not allowed.” He started to list things that you cannot do with Hyunwoo and it has started to get on your nerves. He was already babbling on and on and on. You decided to shut him up by kissing his lips. He looked stunned and his jaws hang wide open. “And you definitely cannot kiss him like that.” He whispered before inching in for another.

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